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For generations in the public consciousness lemonade has been perceived as an amazing way to refresh oneself, quench thirst and pleasantly stimulate taste buds. Proposing a new, innovative way of preparing and distributing this traditional product, GASTRO BIKE managed to find a niche in the market and to make use of a simple idea in an attractive and favourable form.

GASTRO BIKE is a rapidly developing company in the mobile catering industry. We specialize in the production of vehicles designed for the dynamic selling of lemonade – LEMON bikes. We use simple solutions in an innovative way and this is the secret of our success which you can achieve as well!

Our equipment is provided with top quality components, efficient and environment-friendly power supply, and a range of different extras and innovations. High efficiency and the return on investment ratio make LEMON bikes a great idea to run the first business and a perfect method for the business to diversify.

You can contact with us at info@gastrobike.pl

Gastro Bike

GASTRO BIKE Sp. z o.o.
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